yärd /ˈjȯi / mənt 


1. a feeling of great pleasure and happiness - right in your own backyard.  
2. yard + enjoyment = YardJoyment



      Welcome to YardJoyment, where outdoor living is elevated to new heights with latest trends, technologies, innovations and designs in outdoor living products. Our mission is to bring joy to your outdoor spaces and inspire you to spend more time outside with family and friends... or relaxing in peace and quiet. 

      We curate a line of products that are both functional and stylish, designed to enhance your backyard gatherings, relaxation, and play. Whether your outdoor space is large or small, we believe when it's optimized for use and enjoyment, your home feels bigger and is healthier.

      We take pride in and value working with only the best manufacturers and suppliers, all located here in the United States.  You can trust that there are real people, with real small and medium-sized U.S-based businesses behind every purchase here at YardJoyment.com.  Your order will be personally handled from placement through packaging, manufacturing (if made-to-order) and shipping.  We take the initiative to form personal relationships with our suppliers to ensure optimal service, expert advice, and a positive customer experience for you, our valued customer.  

      At YardJoyment.com, you'll find a range of products that we hope will inspire you to create your own “YardJoyments” (Yard + Joy + Moments) – joyous moments right in your own backyard.

      We invite you to join us on this journey and start making the most of your outdoor spaces today. 

      Check back frequently as we grow our product selections and expand our collections - we’re just getting started!


      A Bit About Us

      Hi, we are Peter and Suzanne, husband and wife co-founders of YardJoyment.com. We run our business from Michigan, where we have lived for over 20 years.  YardJoyment is the perfect mash-up of our collective experiences and passions.

      Peter has a masters degree in landscape architecture which he has utilized in golf course design, residential landscaping, and tending to our own yard.  A backyard highlight for us is a golf sand trap that he built that is not only used for practicing golf, but has been enjoyed over as a sandbox and a great spot for gathering around a portable fire pit.   He not only loves landscaping and golfing, but has a lifelong love of soccer and today coaches youth travel soccer and helps manage one of the largest soccer complexes and programs in Michigan.  His best advice for his little “guys” is spend time daily outside and practice your dribbling, kicking and drills.

      Meanwhile, Suzanne graduated from Michigan Tech in engineering and technical communications, where she also managed to cultivate her artistic and creative interests.  After a lengthy corporate career in information systems and consulting, she took up interest in everything digital - marketing, transformation, web development, and more - and has served as developer, coach and independent consultant to corporations, small businesses and non-profits for over 15 years.    She is an early adopter of e-commerce and social media, launching one of the original re-commerce start-ups in 2009, LoobaLee.com.  Suzanne also gives back to the community with coaching.  She has been involved with coaching and developing our local, competitive high school Pom Pon teams since 2014. 

      We have two amazing daughters and a sweet dog named Birdie (as in golf meaning), who is a poodle-beagle mix.  She’s now 11 years old and we are forever grateful for the joy she brings to our lives.  Surely, she’ll inspire some product selection here at yardjoyment.com :)

      * We'll post a few pics soon.

      Feel free to reach out to us regarding product feedback, customer service, ideas, collaboration opportunities, and anything that can help us make our business better! 

      Thanks for stopping by!